Personal Data Protection

Privacy Policy

Nest real estate matchmaking mobile app will be responsible for processing the personal data you provide us with when you request any of our services. We will therefore process your data primarily to fulfil the relationship created when you request a service from us.

We kindly ask the user to read the terms of the privacy policy of our website and app in order to be informed about the information collected by him, when he visits the nest app and uses its services, how this information may be used and shared, how this information is protected and what are his rights. By visiting and using the nest app services, the user gives us consent to collect and process his or her personal data, as detailed in this chapter of the Privacy Policy.

Collection of browsing data

The information systems, processes and computational techniques that govern the operation of our website and our application during their operation, derive some personal data, and this “collection” is automatically performed by the access and operation mechanisms and the protocols used on the Internet.

More specifically, every time a user connects to the nest  application, each time he uploads or requests content, and each time an action is taken, such as the registration as user or as a realtor, the access data are stored at the online system dashboard of our app.

Categories of personal data we will use are the following:

  • Identifying data: name and surname, profile picture, your user ID and password.
  • Contact details: telephone number, contact e-mail and address for contact purposes.
  • Personal characteristics: age, gender, profession and your living preferences, when you ask us to qualify your profile, when looking for a flat to rent or to share as a roommate.
  • Economic and financial data: details of your card or bank account and your address for billing purposes when you contract a charged service. 
  • Interaction and browsing information: interaction and browsing on the Website and App, and IP address.
  • Data related to the services you contract: complete information about the properties you are going to upload and advertise (including their physical address) and information derived from the contracted service.
  • Information that particularly affects Professional Clients -Realtors in the event that you contract any of our services as a Professional Client- Realtor we may process the following information relating to the natural person(s) representing you: name, surname, National ID Card, VAT number, telephone number, contact email address and, in some cases documents proving your representation, corporate user ID and password.

This data can be used by nest for the purpose of processing necessary for the provision of the services you request from nest app andfor the for the legitimate interest of nest in cases of charged services.

Additionally, the above data may be used to investigate liability in the event of a delinquent behavior or a criminal offence generated against the website and its application or to the detriment of its users, at the request of the competent supervisory authority.

User categories

In relation to the usage of the nest application, users are divided into two categories: private users that are searching for a property to buy or rent and professionals users on real estate or other related industries-realtors.

Private users have access to the majority of the nest services, and it is necessary to register before usage. 

You may, at any time, access, rectify or erase your data.

Professional users-Realtors have access to the services that are intended specifically to them always after registration and choice of certain charged services. 

If you have contracted the service yourself, we will process your personal data to provide you with the service you have requested. However, if you have contracted the service on behalf of your company, we will need to process your data on the basis of our legitimate interest. We will do this because there is a legitimate interest (both your company’s and nest’s) in managing the provision of the services. You may, at any time, access, rectify or erase your data.

Purpose of Data Processing

The data collected through our website and its application are treated in fully legal and appropriate manners and in accordance with the principles of proportionality and legality and within the framework of the relevant provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016 (hereinafter referred to as “the Regulation”) and will be strictly used to achieve the best possible delivery of our services.

In addition to the automatic collection of the browsing data referred to in the preceding paragraph, the user is entitled to voluntarily provide personal information, collected from nest solely by completing a certain input field (hereinafter referred to as the “Contact Form”), which is proposed for users to submit their questions and data to the website and its application. 

For professional users-realtors, nest may collect their personal data on its website and its application through online registration forms, digital via e-mails communication, direct contact or by contract signing.

In nest app, the user has the ability to transmit personal information (e.g., email address, name, telephone number, zip code, and other personal information). The submission of this data is voluntary and explicit and includes any data necessary for the purpose of the particular service requested.

The personal data provided by the user private & professional-will be recorded and stored in protected electronic forms and will be processed with the most appropriate security measures. The connection and integration of this data to other electronic files or databases of nest will also be possible.

Sending of email messages to the email addresses that may be present on the website and its application, entails acquisition of the owner’s personal information from the sender. This email address, along with other personal data collected, is necessary to respond to requests that are submitted and to provide the specific services requested.

The data will be processed, either electronically or in paper form, mainly through the usage of automated and non-automated processes, and this processing should be done directly either by the nest or by a third party acting as a processor on behalf of the nest or by a third party to the nest, as a manager and/or processor as well as by service providers as managers and / or processors in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 of the Regulation.

Appropriate security measures are in place to prevent unintentional or unauthorized use of data, access by unauthorized parties and data loss. No data is collected from the site and its application, without the necessary consent, in cases where it does not serve the provision of the app service.

Need for explicit consent

When using part of the services of our website, for example the communication, advertising, search promotion, collected personal data (e.g. name, contact information, and any other information published by the professional or private person in the advertisement, in the publication of which he himself publishes) can be disclosed to third parties, such as the partners with who the real estate agency works with, the construction company, and other companies publishing property advertisements, which will be on that ground controllers of the aforementioned collected personal data.

The above will have become aware of the user’s data in order to respond to his / her requests for information about the property or properties selected by the latter.

In accordance with the provisions of the Regulation, but also with other provisions of national laws, as applicable, in relation to the processing of personal data, the user will be specifically required to give his special and explicit consent to the processing and the communication of these data by selecting a special box marked ‘I accept’.

Nature of data provision

The provision of data is optional, but in the event of a refusal to provide personal data that is necessary for the conduction of the service requested, then it will not be possible to conduct the service. In case the provision of data is not necessary, the data controller will be able to process the applications and perform the required services mentioned in the above paragraph.

Processing Methods

The data controller will process the data in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation of EU 679/2016 and any applicable national law, ensuring full compliance with these legal provisions, as well as with the relevant provisions of this law (personal data protection) contractual arrangements agreed between the parties, namely the user and the controller through this website. Data shall be recorded and processed in a document and a computer, in accordance with the principle of proportionality and always in the light of the aforementioned purposes and, in any case, of the security and confidentiality of personal data. The data controller will process the personal data, either directly or in person, or by using third party services acting as internal, or possibly external, structures or as representatives, in any case on behalf of the controller (nest).

Registered data can only be identified for the sole purpose of detecting illegal activities or content that do not comply with the General Terms and Conditions of Use of our website and application, but under no circumstances will they be processed or disclosed to third parties for commercial or advertising purposes.

Data Security

Data collected and processed should be protected by natural and reasonable methods, in order to minimize the risks of unauthorized access, dissemination, loss and destruction of data in accordance with the applicable provisions.

Nest application takes all necessary technical and organizational measures for the security and protection of the user’s and realtor’s personal data from accidental or non-accidental destruction, loss, unauthorized modification, disclosure or access and from any other unlawful processing of the personal data it manages. However, despite the bona fide and all possible effort on our website to store users’ personal data in a secure operating environment that is not open to the public, it is noted that there is no complete or perfect security and nest cannot guarantee that there will be no unintended disclosures of the user’s personal data. The latter must immediately update our website in case their contact information has been lost, stolen or used without his permission. In such a case, and once it is found that we are at fault, we will remove the contact information of the user from his or her account and we will update our records accordingly.

The nest reserves the right to perform – but not be limited to – actions such as: a) recording and storing any visitor-user communication with the website and the app, including email and chat communication among the users b) investigating any claim in the event that a communication fails to comply with its terms and conditions and deciding at its sole discretion to withdraw or request the withdrawal of such communication; c) withdrawing photos and generally submitted data and information by the user that is considered offensive, illegal or inconvenient or that does not comply with its terms and conditions; d) deleting registered users, when they do not comply with its terms and condition, after giving them prior notice.

Field of communication and dissemination of data

The data provided by the user will be shared and used exclusively by the data controller (nest) (and by the companies designated as data controllers, i.e. the processors or the third parties authorized by the data controller within the meaning of the terms of Article 4 of the Regulation. As mentioned above, for some services, data are shared with companies that cooperate or use the services of the controller (e.g. real estate agents who are aware of all applicants’ personal information or real estate information, banks or payment platforms to provide financial services related to the nest application, such as subscription packages), with the sole purpose of providing the services requested by the user.

In these cases, companies act independently and nest is not responsible for processing the data from them. Also, nest is not responsible for content and compliance with the Privacy Policy of websites that it does not manage.

Data transfer in foreign countries 

Personal data that are collected via our website and our mobile application may be transferred outside Greek jurisdiction exclusively only for the fulfillment of the services that are requested via our website and are according to the terms of this particular privacy policy, as well as the articles of the GDPR regulation.

Also, nest in no case sells a user’s personal data, while during data communication to third parties, in accordance to the aforementioned services, this takes place only for the fulfillment of the purposes that are documented in this particular policy and regarding the same online services.

Information regarding cookies, search engines

Cookies is a technology/mechanism that is designed to speed up traffic analysis in websites, to make it easier for users to access services that are offered by our mobile application, and to offer useful and relevant advertisement to our visitors. By using cookies, personal data are not transmitted or obtained from location identification systems. If a user doesn’t want their information to be collected via this mechanism (cookies), the user may use a simple process in their web browser, that allows to reject cookies usage.

The information about the app property suggestions will be visible in searches on the internal search engine and will be available on third-party search engines as the site and app allow its content to be indexed by third parties.

If the page regarding the listing ads has already been removed from the site and the app, it’s likely that the saved copy will remain in the search results for a few days. Search results are not managed by the site and the app, but the user can request the removal of the page and request that the saved copy be updated directly to the search engine.

Duration of processing

The processing of the data will not last longer than is necessary to fulfill the purpose of the collection, namely the storage of search criteria, the notification, the publication of notices and the contact with professionals who meet the criteria of the user.

Processing will take place until the interested party decides to cancel the entered data, in contact with the data controller.

It will also be possible to last for as long as the storage of personal data becomes necessary in order to comply with our legal obligation or to defend our legitimate interests before the Courts.

User’s Rights

Privacy laws provide the user with the right to exercise certain rights. In particular, the user has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of personal data, even if it is not yet registered, and that these data are available in comprehensible form.

It may also ask the data source to know the identity and contact details of the controller, processors and third parties on behalf of the controller, the processing purposes for which his or her personal data, recipients or categories of recipients of his data and the time of storage of the data and other matters referred to in Article 13 of the Regulation.

The user may also request the deletion of its data, its correction, limitation of processing, its updating of the previous data, the receipt of such data on a structured, commonly used and machine-readable data type, or the blocking of data have been processed in violation of law, opposed to processing and automated decision-making.

Regarding Inquiries

For any inquiry regarding this particular policy or in general, regarding operations or services of nest you are encouraged to contact with us in the email address: